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Other Southern Adventures

So what else did I photograph during this particular sojourn to Florida? Plenty. I admit much of it was for a special Mars and Darwin book I plan to give to my parents this year, but there were still moments worthy of sharing here.

Release the Kraken?

(As a matter of fact, that is my husband being silly at a playground. Why do you ask? :-))

We explored new places this time around, including DuPuis Nature Preserve in western Martin County. I drove by the place many times in my late teens and early 20s but never actually visited. I finally got there on our last full day in the wang. I also took my husband to the Port Mayaca Cemetery to show him the mass grave for the victims of the 1928 hurricane. I had been there a few times before and was kind of surprised at the changes I saw with the place. It was my husband’s first time there, though, so I set aside my surprise to show him around. By that point, though, I’d already been handed a couple other surprises.

Balancing the Spear in the Rock

During this trip, we discovered a park in Sewell’s Point that I had no idea even existed; stoppedd by Bayside Marketplace only to find it way more crowded than I expected; and tiptoed around at least a dozen Portuguese Man O Wars. These new adventures provided contrast to revisiting some of our old haunts. We probably won’t return for at least two more years, and that’s a trip I expect to have a lot of new adventures. Until then, enjoy these slices from South Florida.

Unexpected Immersion
A Holiday in the Uncanny Valley
Where Man Meets the Ocean
Natural Detritus
The Baby on the Beach
Imperial Worship By the Vain
Dolphin Tide
A Tattered Legacy
A New Take on Leaving Stones
The Peaceful Pier
That Rare Wildflower
Power Puss
Glamour Puss


Summer Weekends: Fourth of July

This particular summer weekend was not conducive for photography. It was the weekend before my wedding, so I’m surprised I got anything I even remotely liked out of it. The weekend also happened to include my husband’s birthday (the 3rd), so I decided to bring him to the beach for a nice oceanside stroll. Likewise, on the Fourth itself I had a chance to enjoy a fireworks show from a private backyard. My fireworks photos did not turn out well at all for multiple reasons (a shoddy tripod among them), but I did get a good dusk photo or two out of the evening. With that, enjoy my slices of midsummer.

cavities in the hardened sand
It stands alone.
a haven for young mollusks
Dusk. I refuse to call it Twilight.