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Other Southern Adventures

So what else did I photograph during this particular sojourn to Florida? Plenty. I admit much of it was for a special Mars and Darwin book I plan to give to my parents this year, but there were still moments worthy of sharing here.

Release the Kraken?

(As a matter of fact, that is my husband being silly at a playground. Why do you ask? :-))

We explored new places this time around, including DuPuis Nature Preserve in western Martin County. I drove by the place many times in my late teens and early 20s but never actually visited. I finally got there on our last full day in the wang. I also took my husband to the Port Mayaca Cemetery to show him the mass grave for the victims of the 1928 hurricane. I had been there a few times before and was kind of surprised at the changes I saw with the place. It was my husband’s first time there, though, so I set aside my surprise to show him around. By that point, though, I’d already been handed a couple other surprises.

Balancing the Spear in the Rock

During this trip, we discovered a park in Sewell’s Point that I had no idea even existed; stoppedd by Bayside Marketplace only to find it way more crowded than I expected; and tiptoed around at least a dozen Portuguese Man O Wars. These new adventures provided contrast to revisiting some of our old haunts. We probably won’t return for at least two more years, and that’s a trip I expect to have a lot of new adventures. Until then, enjoy these slices from South Florida.

Unexpected Immersion
A Holiday in the Uncanny Valley
Where Man Meets the Ocean
Natural Detritus
The Baby on the Beach
Imperial Worship By the Vain
Dolphin Tide
A Tattered Legacy
A New Take on Leaving Stones
The Peaceful Pier
That Rare Wildflower
Power Puss
Glamour Puss


The Great Leap Forward

After graduating high school, I worked in a Walgreen’s photo lab for two years to help pay for college. This is when I really began to take pictures on a regular basis. I also began to like more of the photos I shot. I drove around to a wider variety of locations to get photographs and saw parts of Florida that were only road trip blurs in the past. This allowed me to get some emotional stability, as I’d just ended a tumultuous relationship that ended badly right as I was taking that first step into adulthood. It wasn’t pleasant, but I look back on it with a sort of fondness whenever I look at the photos from that time. A lot transpired both in front of and behind the lens.

had to dredge this baby up
stuffed bunny still life
pelicans. a.k.a. Fred(s)
dining with human companions
St. Lucie Canal at Port Mayaca
the Jacaranda Hotel in Avon Park
flight by Lake Verona
memorial eagle
the Singing Tower at Bok Sanctuary after Hurricane Season 2004
Bok Sanctuary after Hurricane Season 2004