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Snapshots of the Audience

A while ago, I got to talking to a friend on, and his comments spurred Identity Crisis. However, these’s one aspect of his comments I didn’t cover there, and I actually forgot about it until a month or so ago when I attended a premiere at a local photo gallery. That aspect is audience expectations.

Kitty Portrait Session

Steve (said friend) said that artistic photography should make some sort of statement about reality. I’ve already stated the reasons I disagree with that idea. In recent weeks, though, I’ve found I might not be the only one. Let me clarify that. I’m not the only one among photography consumers that merits technique and aesthetics over commentary. This is a mindset that can be found even among some (semi) professional photographers. This exhibit was held at Minneapolis Photo Center, a place I didn’t even know existed until last summer. It’s a place that you really only know about if photography is a big deal to you.


The premiere was really crowded, and I had to wait a bit to move from photo to photo. As a result, I had a chance to do some eavesdropping. It was incredibly fascinating. Many people who attended the show focused on the form and technique photographers employed. The nature (heh) of the exhibit certainly encouraged technical remarks. Even so, there were a lot of comments that could apply to most photo exhibits. In particular, I heard one gentleman remark on people downright abusing Photoshop to turn photos into paintings. I totally understand that complaint. Even so, at least these individuals used Photoshop in a plausibly convincing manner.

As Time Floats By

It was a pleasant surprise ti hear so many people focus strictly on what was in front of them. (Pardon the pun. Again.) There wasn’t any speculation about the photographer’s intent or any larger message. It was people simply enjoying the photos at face value. More to the point, it was people who regularly peruse photography taking everything at face value. Seeing and hearing people admire (or criticize) the images themselves proved enlightening. It also made me wonder about other photography audiences.

Decayed Dreams

I admit I haven’t been around non-photography audiences as much as I’ve been around those who are more immersed in the photography world. When I’ve been around the former, the comments are less technical. At the same time, there aren’t many people seeing the exhibited photos as grandiose statements. Some people remarked on how the photos reflected the times. Others noted very general observations about the composition of the photos. You could hear a pin drop when nudity was involved. Hey, I live in the US and am speaking from experience in US museums. What do you expect? In any case, the comments were broad and superficial even in museum settings. I found that to be intriguing. I think I’ll need to make some more observations, though, to see if this holds up.

Full On

And the World Goes Boom

Round Robin

Singing in the  Plains


Vacation’s Over

Summer is winding down, kids are going back to school, and I’m finally going back to work! Madness, right? Well, in celebration of that fact, I’m going to showcase the photos I’ve taken over the last few months while I was wandering the metro area. I did find ways to do a lot for very little cost.

Magic 4 Ball

Thanks to memberships at the Minnesota Zoo, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Minnesota Historical Society, I can visit a bunch of local attractions for free. On top of that, there are attractions and events throughout the Twin Cities area that are free for everyone, such as Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. I also went to a special Greyhound exhibit near the Mall of America and snapped photos at free concerts. Throughout all these comings and goings, I had the chance to see a variety of designs and lighting scenarios. It certainly wasn’t as active or epic in scope as my last couple summers have been, but I was able to do a lot of things. I also got quite a few photos in the past. On that note, enjoy this smörgåsbord of photographic offerings! 🙂

Downfall of the Music Man
Here Bus!
Aqui Autobus!
Yay, Bus!
Arc du Lurcat
Stuck On You
Always Keeping an Eye on You
Burst Mode
Palace Palisades