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All About Birdies

I have a lot to catch up on, and for the sake of getting it done I’m not going in chronological order. So let’s kick off with something fun. By fun, I mean birds. I love photographing birds. You should know that by now.

Bob for Fred

Not surprisingly, one of my favorite things to do when I visit Florida is photograph all the birdies I encounter. If my husband and I are at a park, we’ll trail birds as long as possible. Well, I’ll tail the birds, and he’ll watch me. 😀 The birds amuse us both, but our reactions are far different.

Pigeon Sunbathing Hour

We visited a lot of different places in Florida but didn’t see a huge variety of birds. That was a bit of a bummer, but I managed with what I found. Between beach-dwelling pigeons and a crap ton of little blue herons, I had a field day with photographing these little dinosaur descendants. Had I seen more varieties (including cormorants, roseate spoonbills and sandhill cranes) my head would have most likely exploded. On that note, enjoy my birdy shots! I know I have tons of fun with them. 🙂

Little Blue Mangrove
Balancing Act
Lunch Break, Anyone?
Get It To Go
A Wade in the Park
The New Black Beauty
Squeak Toy on the Lam
Clean and Preen
Face the Three, Check the Six
Air Clean Up Crew


Slices of Florida

While I spent a lot of time in Lake Wales during my winter break, I visited other places in Florida as well. My husband and I wandered around and stopped by a few locales in South Florida. Some were familiar ground while others were new territory for me. There were also moments to honor long-held family traditions and ponder what has changed in my hometown. Every time I go, I realize that Florida is nice to visit, but I was not cut out to live there (even though I was born and raised in that state). Here are some slices of the more ordinary details of the state. Are they really that ordinary? I’ll let you decide.

Canned Decay
The Wooded Fountain
Happiness of a Whim
Saying Goodbye Without Saying a Word
Thank You for the Memories
A Beautiful Brain
Eye of the Beholder
The Lost Swim
On the Waterfront
Shadows of a Tree
Aqua Decay
Of Many Pillars
Stalled Sailings
A Natural Refraction
The Wasted Shores
The Lime in the Coconut
America Squandered
Out of Place and Swept Away

For the Birds

Happy New Year everyone! I know I have neglected this place. Truth be told, getting anything done in December is a real challenge. I did get some things accomplished, but it came at the cost of not updating this blog. Some of those things do in fact pertain to photography. In the coming months (but definitely before March), I will make my electronic portfolio available to you. I also have plans to revamp the blog’s appearance (and have been testing out some of the changes I’m looking to make).

Likewise, I went on vacation and took a ton of photos. During my venture down to Florida, I noticed that a lot of my pictures ended up being of birds. It makes sense since I was in Florida during the winter. However, it was more of a continuation of a trend of 2012: bird photography. I really began to notice birds last year and focus more on them (ba-dum CHING!). I took so many bird photos on my vacation I felt it was only appropriate to devote an entire post to my favorites. Some of them are softer than usual due to my tendency to push the telephoto capabilities of Cameron (since the camera is only a Nikon P80, for crying out loud). Still, I chose these primarily for timing. I had a lot of luck snapping photos of birds at the right time and getting excellent action in these frames. Enjoy!

kicking it on the rocks

watching for something new

a leap of faith

hunting the gatherer

wading beauty

mirror image

eye catching

breaking the waves

gotta go

not getting past my eye

snack time

nice do bro

En el sol y sombra

who hoos

my food and only mine

bird on a wire

glamour boy