Life evolving behind the lens

This Central Florida Dreamscape

My husband made the suggestion that we revisit Bok Tower and Gardens. We were last there in 2012, but I think he really wanted to go back so he could take lots of pictures. I can’t say I blame him.


Even though we’ve been to Bok Tower in December a couple times before, the sun has never been this bright. As a result, my pictures are sharper than usual. I’m not going to complain since this gave me more opportunities to photograph the tower while emphasizing contrasting colors. Granted, the reduced cloud cover allowed for much deeper blue skies. Even when there has been sun on previous trips there has been enough cloud cover to mute everything.

En Concert

We wandered a good portion of the grounds, including the Pinewood Mansion in all its holiday glory. While snowmen were next to nonexistent, there were lots of other splendid subjects for still life and even action photography. So let’s take a trip into this Central Florida dreamscape.

The Island
Your Goldenrod Daydreams
A Birdy Conga Line
The Smallest Safe Haven
Lives All Aglow
Fern Gully
Toys from the Gilded Age
Holiday Glitterati
Pretty Poison
The Gift


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