Life evolving behind the lens

In All Fairness, Part 2

As expected, I photographed things besides the livestock at the fair. Whenever we go, I always make sure to at least stop by the Ag-Hor building for some shots.

Apple Bounty

This year’s visit was a little disappointing in the fruits department, but I am generally happy with my vegetable photos. I also got to see dahlias instead of bonsai/orchid exhibits, which was a nice change of pace. Dahlias are fun to photograph. Their blooms can vary drastically, so I get to experiment with capturing a variety of patterns and textures. Aside from that, I didn’t get as many good photos in other exhibit halls this year as I have in the past. My stomach problems got worse during the times we were in the halls. I got some good pictures, but I didn’t get great pictures. On the other hand, said problems did eventually resolve themselves as the sun went down. That means some awesome nighttime shots! Hopefully next year I’ll be in better shape and will remember to get photos of things aside from the animals and Ag-Hor exhibits. 🙂

The Honey and the Ivy
Ripple Across the Waves
Plum Close Up
Hubbard Hubba
Pumpkin Splice
Braided Beauties
Sweetness Not Light
Verdant Nights
Twinkle Tower
Flee the Fun
Capricious Sacrifice and Aftermath


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