Life evolving behind the lens

In All Fairness, Part 1

When I do my Minnesota State Fair recaps on, I title the entries with a fair related pun. I’ve decided to try that out on this blog as well. I’m not sure if I’ll do so from here on out. Only time will tell on that one.

The Dairy Bar

While we ate less and walked around more this year, one thing that was consistent was photography. Even when I started feeling a bit under the weather, I still felt good enough to take pictures. I’m actually pretty proud of what I’ve done, especially when it comes to the livestock photos (the bread and butter of this entry).

Buns of Fun

The early closure of the livestock barns forced my husband and me to visit the animals earlier than usual. This worked out pretty well for lighting, even in the super dark Moo Booth. Seriously, I use the term lighting very loosely there. The animals were in the process of being moooved out (hehheh), but they were still in great poses for photography. The pigs were sleepy, but the goats and sheep were happy to get attention. Likewise, with the sun being higher, the skylights were actually worth something during our visit. While Rigoberto is pretty good in low light, I don’t yet have an f/1.8 lens to really work in such conditions. My kit lens and I didn’t have to work as hard since the sun was in a better position. The skylights helped diffuse the light, to boot, which it turns out is just ad effective on animal portraits as it is for humans. I prefer photographing animals, though. They’re less self conscious, which makes it easier for me to work it out there.

Derpy Sleep

Speaking of portraits, I’m surprised at how many photos I have utilize portrait orientation. I think part of it stems from the lens. On Cameron, the telephoto lens was narrow enough to poke through some of the cages, so landscape orientation was possible even on tight shots. Since Rigoberto’s kit lens is wider even at its highest zoom, I had to turn the camera in order to get a shot relatively free of obstructions. I don’t know how well this would work on other lenses. I’m considering renting a telephoto lens for my upcoming trip to Vancouver, so I might test this theory when that happens. In any case, vertical pictures have taken over my selections for the state fair. You can see it here now and also in part two. 🙂

Food As Reverence
Messy Side Eye
Peck Pecking
Cockerel Doggerel
Small and Plump
Got Your Gander
Choco Ba-Ba-Ba
Just Say Neigh
Stick Out from the Lineup


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