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Minnesota State Fair Throwbacks, Part 2

Are you ready for some more fair photos? Of course you are! If you’re in Minnesota and debating on going, I have a few (visual) reasons as to why you should at least consider attending.


The fair may be all about food, but it’s also cool to see the raw ingredients for meals as well. The vegetable area certainly whets my appetite. 🙂 Beyond that, there are plenty of other carbon-based lifeforms that are worth a visit. They’re not all in the ag-hor building, to boot! The last few years we’ve seen the bonsai and orchid exhibitions, and I saw a bunch of African Violets the first year I attended the fair. I’m hoping to see them again for a couple reasons. One, I’d like to have another chance to photograph them. Two, they remind me of my aunt. She cared for African Violets when I visited her during my childhood, and I remember my first greenhouse visit being to pick up some of those plants. Outside of plants, I did get a few photos of the animalia kingdom that I felt were worth sharing. Hopefully going earlier in the day on Labor Day will provide me more animal photography opportunities and a chance to capture the fair in a different light. I can’t wait to go!

Bounty of the Harvest
Sweet Carrotline
Par Snip Snip
Heir Loom
Apple of My Eye
Two Pairs of Pears
Poor Flutterbies
Twist and Turn
Fruitless Fruit Tree
The Alien Blossom
50 Shades of Purple
Beyond the Gate


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