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Minnesota State Fair Throwbacks, Part 1

When starting the post for my end of summer photo wrap up, I realized I never showed you any of my favorite shots from last year’s Minnesota State Fair. That’s a shame, because there were many I liked. Given that the fair has just gotten underway, I figure now is as good of time as any to remedy this wrong.


Due to the timing of our fair adventures last year, I didn’t get many animal photos that I actually liked enough to share in this blog. As a result, most of my frames are from the other exhibits. The sunlight became harsher the longer we were there, so the majority of my best shots were all indoors or semi-indoors (such as the ag-hor building, which I know I’ve discussed about a zillion times). Thus, I’ll be splitting things up a bit differently. The first entry will highlight the inorganic photo subjects, while the next entry will showcase carbon-based lifeforms in some capacity. 🙂 I do realize that crop art does toe the line between the two a bit. TO balance things out, I’ve included them here. Enjoy!

Canny Punny
Collection Bin
Metallic Tendrils
The Cynical Bender
A Seat in the Sun
A Crop Mess
Fish Out of Water
The Beauty of Writing Implements
Standard Deviation


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