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Summertime Summertime, Sun Fun, Summertime

A job might be looming for me, but until then, I continue to make local visits and take photos! This batch goes back to mid-June during a day trip to western Wisconsin/eastern Minnesota. It was kind of a warm day, and there was lingering humidity from an earlier batch of rain showers.

The River Runner

My husband and I started our day in the Osceola, WI area for a train trip along the St. Croix River. It was a brilliant day to spend time riding the rails, and there were definitely things to see. That said, we did clip along at points, which meant some of my pictures didn’t turn out all that great. On top of that, my husband sat by the window most of the time, which meant I had to move around a bit to find a halfway decent view. There was also the fact that while there were things to see, a lot of my pictures looked the same or would not necessarily appeal to random passers-by of this photo blog. I did also take some pictures in and around the station. There were a couple groups on the same train as us, so there was a bit of a crowding issue at points. That meant there were people random popping into the frame no matter what I did. 😦

Hal, I Am Your Father

After our train ride, we hopped in the car and went back to Minnesota for a tour of the Franconia Sculpture Garden. It didn’t look that big as I approached it, but the grounds are quite expansive. That was helpful for pictures because I could avoid people even though there was a pretty decent sized crowd there (even outside the children’s workshop being held that day). The sculptures were pretty wild (much more outlandish and riskier in scope than what you might find at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden), and I could have been there all day taking pictures. Unfortunately, a hole in the bottom of my left sneaker let in some of the standing water that was still hanging around the garden. Thus my motivation to stay out and take pictures took a pretty deep nosedive. I still managed to get quite a few shots, though. Narrowing it down to a reasonable amount for the blog here proved to be quite a challenge!

Loose Caboose
Crank Up!
Gear Up!
Christmas in July-ish
Prismatic Illuminati
Beyond the Battle of the Bulge
Standing Tall
Tipped Point
Stems Across the Sky
Racist Servitude


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