Life evolving behind the lens

Drive Time, Part 3

In between juggling job applications and restructuring my finances, I have made some headway in organizing my trove of photos. I’ve mostly posted to Facebook, but I did select the photos I wanted to share from my visit to the Stone Arch Bridge Festival. As always, I’m there for the cars. The selection was rather small this year, but what was lacking in variety was more than compensated in great detail work and lighting that gave me a little bit of experimenting leeway.

Light Eyes

The previous day had been terrible weather-wise. I was out in it for the Green Line opening and leaving a rock concert later that evening. Thus, when Sunday rolled around, I was a tad apprehensive. The wind was strong, but eventually so was the sun. The sun made all the colors really pop and provided me with sparkling reflections that reclaim the dignity Edward Cullen stole from the quality of sparkling. Even so, as the afternoon progressed, I found myself doing something unexpected: going black and white. I know. What’s up with that? As I walked between the two areas where they set up the vintage cars (and really old Harley), I was thinking about the fact that I have had my camera for several months but have never tried shooting in black and white. So I decided to go for it at the festival. It’s not a typical setup: black and white photography in strong sunlight. Since when have I been known for being typical? 😀 I rather like the combination because the detail is retained even when depth of field is reduced. I might try it more often but probably not anytime soon. After all, between the Fourth of July, the All Star events, and the Aquatennial, I have a lot of things to shoot that call for color.

Fade and Frayed
Natural Mix in an Unnatural World
Wheel Love
Beware the Bees
Retro Waves
Flee the Junkyard?
Rollout Left
Rollout Right
Mustang Savvy
Volvo Attempting Swag
Lotus in the Shade


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