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Go Fourth and Celebrate!

Whew! It has been a crazy last few weeks for me. Well, most of the photography activity has been on the weekends, but still. I’ve been to a wedding; a public transit opening ceremony; a small rock concert; an art festival; a scenic train ride; and to a rural sculpture park. Yeah. I’m ready for a nap. 😛 Since I took my camera with me everywhere, I’m still going through my backlog of photos. I’m currently on the rock concert. It’ll be a bit before I get new content up, which means it’s time for a bit of a throwback.

The Game Is Up

I never did share pictures from the Philadelphia leg of my summer break trip to the East Coast last year. I figured with the Fourth of July coming up that now was as good of time as any. We only spent a couple days out there, but we were able to see a number of the sights. Both days were insanely hot. I have no idea how my husband managed to keep from overheating while wearing pants when the heat index was 102 or so. At least I wasn’t toting Rigoberto at the time. Cameron was light enough I could stand in front of the mist fans and be able to truly enjoy the cooling sensation while not having to think about the extra weight of the camera fatiguing my upper body. Anyway, we were in town for the Fourth, but opted not to venture around town due to the heat and the crowds. Instead, we watched the fireworks from my aunt’s living room, as her condo was not even a football field’s length from the fireworks launching area or the concert stage. That said, the next couple days were our time to roam and see what Philly had to offer in the summer (besides scorching temperatures). Enjoy!

Square Skyline
Oh Irony
Hugs for Free
The Bishop Bears Witness
Science is Dreamy
Shooting Star
Drop 'Em Like They're Hot
Puppeteer Part I
Puppeteer Part II
Heartbeat Like a Herd
The Old Book
Sway My Way
The Fault in Our Pendulums


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