Life evolving behind the lens


So yeah, I got a Nikon D5100 for Christmas. You’ve already seen some of the photos I’ve taken with it, or should I say him. His name is Rigoberto, and he is truly awesome.

The D5100

While I know that the D5200 and D5300 have been rolled out, I decided to stick with the 5100 since the specs between the three models were comparable. Plus anyone who knows me should know by now that megapixels are not a huge concern for me. Neither is wifi (mostly because I prefer to let a little time pass before selecting the photos I want to go public). Sensors have been my main priority. We can now add lenses to that priority list in one of the top positions. I suspect lenses will become my number one priority once I have my DSLR for a few years. On top of that, the sensors between the D50-some models are all pretty similar. There have been some changes in the processing components between them, but I feel I won’t make tat much of a difference if the sensors are all very similar. Likewise, sensor changes don’t start to manifest until you go up to the D70-some models (which I had been looking at but decided can wait a bit; if I get a new DSLR body, it would most likely be something in this line).

I Have My Eye On You
Heads Up!
Display Screen Awesomeness
Behold Usable Settings

For right now, I just have the 18-55mm VR kit lens. It has been pretty reliable, although I admit I am a bit confused by the manual focus process when working with this lens. It is likely that I will retire this lens soon, though, mostly because it’s not long enough for most of my needs. Going to the zoo would most likely merit an 18-140mm lens if I’m not up for carrying a 70-300mm VR lens and then swapping as quick as I can for a nifty 50(mm). (Okay, Ken Rockwell actually recommends a 35mm f/1.8 lens instead of a nifty 50, but the point still stands.) A wedding might actually be the best time to only take a nifty 50 (35) lens, but who knows if I’ll have one by early June (which is when I’m actually going to be attending a wedding)? It might be lighter and make selecting a camera bag easier. Wait. I haven’t mentioned my camera bags?

Pretty Bag
The Inside Scoop
Picturetaking Meta

Yes, I have two. My primary bag (and the one I bring for traveling) is a Classic bag from Cheeky Lime. It’s customizable, holds up under all sorts of conditions, and is very pretty. The problem is, it’s kind of big and will stand out in some situations. It might look better at a wedding considering the detail work, but given how small I am, it would look kind of stupid. It’s also something I have to wear crossbody due to my very angular shoulders, which gets a little tiring after a while. My secondary bag (which I had to buy because my camera arrived before my bag) is a little CaseLogic holster that also has a shoulder strap. It’s not quite as padded, and I primarily use it when I have to travel light. I recently participated at the Grand Blue Mile down in Des Moines. I brought Rigoberto to Des Moines in my Cheeky Lime bag to ensure the camera was protected in the event of an accident. However, I decided to walk to the course, and I had a sweats bag with me. My sweats bag combined with my Cheeky Lime bag would have made the somewhat hilly walk even more annoying, so I brought my holster. That way, I could tuck Rigoberto in my sweats bag while keeping him (it) somewhat protected.

So that sums up my current shooting equipment. I’d like to get another lens soon, but filters are most likely to be my next purchase. When I get a bunch of new equipment, I’ll be sure to let you know. 🙂


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