Life evolving behind the lens

Eye Spy

Remember when I discussed the physical demands of photography a couple years ago? No? Well, here’s a refresher. I mentioned going to the optometrist in that post, and I finally got around to doing so! The results were surprising to say the least. While I am slightly nearsighted, that only applies for my right eye. That does not apply to my left, which is more farsighted (although counts as 20/20). The real kicker, though, is my eyes don’t work together when focusing on an object. You can basically say my eyeballs have minds of their own. 😛 My optometrist says that while contacts would alleviate some of the individual eye issues the biggest concern (my uncooperative focusing) is best addressed by glasses.

Quiet After the Storm

Though I can see, I’ll cop to my vision being somewhat wonky and perhaps taking away from what I could be doing as a photographer. It’ll take some getting used to seeing with glasses, and that will affect composition because my depth perception will change. It will be physically awkward, too, as the lenses I need are not cheap (about $300 before frames, although I am sopping around). Thus, I’d need to protect my glasses with my life. I’d have to be careful when leaning over a railing to reduce the distance between the subject and myself. I’ll have to get used to not putting the viewfinder so close to my face. When I get glasses, it will be a big adjustment for me. Once I get used to actually wearing the glasses and feeling less disoriented by what I see, I suspect that my photography will be affected in primarily two ways: focusing and composition.

And Who Are You?

I don’t always use manual focus, but when I do it’s kind of a mixed bag (not to mention beating a dead meme). I’m not real comfortable with manual focus on Rigoberto yet, but I used manual focus with Cameron from time to time. It was primarily for macro reasons, although I also used it when shooting in bright sun to capture specific details. It’s work, yes, but it’s good work. The problem is it’s generally more effective when your eyes work together. Since my eyes are naturally uncooperative with each other, my previous work with manual focus is not what it could be. I’m probably going to hold off on using manual focus on Rigoberto until I have my glasses. Given how expensive they are and how precarious my health insurance is at the moment, I’ll be holding off on that purchase for a little bit. The lenses alone are looking to be about $300. Yikes! I think for now I’ll kick back and relive some old photo memories captured under a variety of physical conditions (but all united by my wacky focusing issues).

Fred Lineup
Don Drapey
Head On Up
I Claim No False Majesty
Shim Shimmer
AC Alley
Brave New Water
Infinite Mini Golf Perplexity
Landing the Takeoff


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