Life evolving behind the lens

The Frolicking Fauna

As I mentioned, I went to the Minnesota Zoo twice in the last few months. My husband and I are both members, so we get free admission. I also like taking pictures of animals, as it’s less stressful for me in spite of the unpredictability of an animal’s movements. I’ve also felt a stronger affinity to animals than to people. I even wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a child. Because of all the familiarity involved (both with the subject and the location), I decided this would be a good time to test out my new D5100 (Rigoberto; he will get his own entry very soon). So how did that go?

Breaking the Surface

Overall it was successful. The biggest takeaway I got was that I needed a better zoom lens option. I’d gotten so used to Cameron’s zoom capabilities that shifting to a kit lens was a real shock to the system. I have two longer lenses in mind but will need to wait to purchase them until I get a job. In the meantime, I’ve taken the time explore Rigoberto’s capabilities. The ISO range is not only wider but much better at handling noise. With Cameron, even going up to 1600 was something I avoided doing due to the noise involved. With Rigoberto, 1600 is a breeze. I’ve even shot at ISO 3200 with good results. I’ll have to show that in a future entry, as I didn’t have a reason to jack the ISO that high during my zoo visit. 1600 was the highest I needed to go. I will say that the one thing I still haven’t gotten used to is adjusting the aperture. I’m used to Cameron’s system, which involved selecting aperture in the shooting menu and then turning the dial. I could only go to f/8, to boot. Now I have at least f/18 at my disposal, but I didn’t have to go quite that small since the lighting was subdued both inside and out.

Enough of that rambling. Have some animal pictures! The zoo’s critters decided that 14 degrees was party weather (for December in Minnesota) and ended up being quite active when we were there.

Cotton Topped
New Heights
Sharing Secrets
Exasperation or Mourning
Perfect J
Give Me a Kiss
Recovering from Shark Week
Hey Dory!
Worn at Your Mercy
Aquatic Lion
Side Eye
Strike a Pose
Open Up


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