Life evolving behind the lens


Our Illinois visit took us from Springfield to Chicago, where we spent a few days playing (tacky) tourist while almost mingling with the locals. We hit up the museums and zoos while deciding where to eat by actually wandering the streets of the Gold Coast neighborhood where we lodged for a few nights.

Fanaticism in Real Life

I wouldn’t be inclined to call the experience life-changing, but it was nice to go half-local in our jaunt to the Windy City. Admittedly, the weather was kind of crappy most of our stay. This really only affected our visit to the Willis Tower (which was sabotaged by fog). Not surprisingly, the bluest skies appeared the day we were scheduled to leave, but we were able to enjoy a sunny walk around downtown in the morning hours (after stuffing ourselves stupid at Hash House a Go-Go). The only other hiccup was that my battery died in the middle of our zoo visit, which meant I only got a couple crappy cell pone pictures in the aviary. That was a shame, as the aviary was very active during our visit. Those minor issues aside, I captured a lot of things in Chicago. I can’t help but wonder if the personal duress contributed to this.

Floating Alone
Downward Into Darkness
Lovely in Green
Wandering Among the Kelp
X Marks the Fish
The Face of an Anonymous Gift
Finch Fantasy
History Towering Over Us
Nerd Theater
A Dream Immortalized
Well Rounded
Green with Envy
Slow Loris Special
Napping Buddies
I Love My Coat
Nighttime Escapades
The Ripple in the Sky


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