Life evolving behind the lens

Land of Lincoln

I think I’ll kick things off with my trip to Illinois. Mi amor and I went to Springfield for two days and Chicago for five. I found plenty to photograph wherever we went. I’m just glad that the weather was pleasant when we visited Springfield, as we spent much of our time there outside. There are pretty spots in town and a variety of architectural details to capture. We wandered around the downtown area by foot, which is the best way to see both the touristy attractions and the local color that can be easily overlooked.

All My Budding Memories

I went to Springfield with a huge chip on my shoulder. A somewhat undefined relationship with a co-worker had gone south, and I was a bit of a wreck much of the trip. Even now I still feel a bit of sadness when I think about him. That sadness seemed to find its way into some of my photos, but I felt myself relax a little the longer we were in Springfield. I was able to eat for the first time in days, and composing photos of various architectural details gave me something to do that didn’t involve dwelling on the social breakdown back home. As I told mi amor over a hearty dinner of bangers and mash, I could actually relax a little. I would like to go back to Springfield at some point on my own. During my stay, I found myself regarding the place as a bit of a retreat. While many people might think of spas or other such facilities as an ideal means of retreat, I feel those places try too hard. Springfield has its own idiom, and you can cry at monuments to American history without getting funny looks. It’s a disguise, and sometimes I emote better when I’m wearing a disguise of sorts. So here’s my photographic tribute to Springfield. Here’s to hoping I have a chance to return.


Aquatic Symphony

This Closeness




The Belltower Fighter


Ridgid Ribbons


Falling By the Wayside


History Now Long Ago


Nonporous Portrait


Dive Into the Diorama


Giant Extinction


Once Old Now Brand New


In Action or Inaction?


Remembered in the Shadows of Time


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