Life evolving behind the lens

Where have I been?

I know it’s been quite a while since I updated this blog of mine. I’ve been dealing with a lot lately. Photography things have happened. I even got a DSLR for Christmas (FINALLY!). A lot more has been at play, though. I became unemployed in February, and a large chunk of my time has been devoted to finding another job. This has prevented me from clearing up the photo backlog that has been hanging over my head since October. As a result, the next few entries will be devoted to getting caught up on everything. I was hoping to unveil a makeover of the blog in time for my 75th entry, but I think I’ll be holding off until the 100th. It’ll be easier that way.

Day Glo Decisions

So what exactly have I done photography-wise since October? Well, let’s take a look.

  • Visited Illinois (specifically Springfield and Chicago)
  • Got a new camera (the long discussed Nikon D5100)
  • Purchased two camera bags (one holster style from Case Logic and my main bag from Cheeky Lime)
  • Gone lens shopping
  • Photographed the exhibits at the Minnesota Zoo twice
  • Photographed the exhibits at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory
  • Got a new smartphone with a better camera
  • Took pictures at possibly the last Holidazzle parade
  • Worked on indoor photography
  • Did some sports photography (yay, ski jumping!)
  • Mulled over online storage options (and am currently contemplating moving to SmugMug for this)
  • Accumulated about 3000 photos; I did a rough count of what I’ve recently backed up or still have sitting on my SD card
  • Made Cameron my backup camera
  • Have made prints for everything that’s happened up till my Illinois trip

So yeah, I’ve actually done a fair amount over the last few months. I’ve just been terrible about documenting it. I’m actually working on some posts to individually discuss these things. The point is, I have been keeping busy and have a lot to show you. Hopefully once I get a new job and have a steadier schedule I’ll be able to stay on top of things like this. In the meantime, I do have a few pictures from the science museum to tide you over. 🙂

She Sees Sea Shells
One Head, One Voice
I Am Become Masked


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