Life evolving behind the lens

Drive Time, Part 2

Oi! I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted. Truth be told, life has been kicking my rump since my birthday (the end of last month). On top of that, I’m going on vacation…today! I’m heading out to the east coast to revisit some old stomping grounds. I spent a lot of summers in New Jersey during my childhood, and I ended up venturing out to Philly more as I got older. I’ll be posting photos from that adventure sometime in the next month or so. We’ll see what the timing is like there since I also have a trip to Rochester at the end of next month. 2013 isn’t leaving me with a whole lot in the way of free time!

That said, I did get out to the Stone Arch Arts Fest on Father’s Day and almost had my head explode at all the antique cars I could photograph. The fact that there are 70s models showing up at classic car shows is almost like taunting. Next thing I know there will be 80s cars and then 90s cars I remember riding around while in school. It’s official. I’m getting old. In the meantime, here’s what happened when I set my camera on more vivid and pounded the pavement for two hours to get some automotive shots.

meta car
A Song of Ice and Fire
Roll the Die
Black Beauty
Flare It LIke JJ
No Sparing Class
British Racing Green
Road Trip Essentials
Around the World
American Power


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