Life evolving behind the lens

New tripod!

My parents bought me a new tripod for my birthday. It’s not a Gorillapod or any of those fancy ass (but super heavy) professional models. It’s a lightweight aluminum model, which is perfect for me. It even has its own bag. 🙂 I admit I don’t normally use a tripod, but it’s helpful for nighttime photography, some portrait work, the Holidazzle Parade and anything that requires me to have minimal contact with the camera. Sadly, Cameron does not have remote shutter capability. When I get a DSLR I will make absolutely sure I have a remote shutter, because I’m pretty sure that thing will save what little sanity I have. Anyway, you’re probably wondering what I was using for a tripod before I got this one. I was using a tripod my grandfather had (got it at the same time as Kaito), although when he used I remember it was for mounting a telescope. I did use it for photography purposes once before he died. Even so, it was not the greatest. The tripod head was wobbly and couldn’t be secured. Most of the sliding parts were too stiff. The thing didn’t even have leg bracing or a crank handle. I know. What’s the deal with that? I have not (yet) named it, but I’m going to show it off here. I have successfully mounted Cameron to it but have not yet been able to do a lot of testing.

Here is the tripod in its bag. Since it’s light, it’s a breeze to sling over my shoulder. That will be really helpful when I take photographs at the Holidazzle.

Expansion Pack
I have the tripod fully extended here (legs and center column). It’s about 6 feet at maximum extension which is only somewhat useful given that I’m 5’3″ or so. I can still use the maximum height, but it will be when I have a remote shutter and other tools that keep me from having to get on tiptoe to snap a picture.

Eazy and Lazy
The handle is helpful for set up and disassembly (which I found when taking these pictures :-D). It’s also good for keeping the tripod steady when making positioning adjustments and can be used to move it without reigning the telescoping legs (which can be helpful when watching the fireworks in a massively popular public space).

Level 1
Level 2
This tripod even has a couple level indicators. In this particular case I was not paying any attention to see if the tripod was level, but I have fiddled around to see them in action. I rather like having these around even if I don’t always use them.

I hope to get some testing in with this tripod soon. It seems to be pretty nifty from the time I’ve spent just getting used to it. If my work life ever slows down, I’ll be able to take my tripod on a photo jaunt and see how well it holds up.


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