Life evolving behind the lens

Cheap Sentiments, Cheap Subjects?

Back in February one of my co-workers handed out boxes of candy hearts to a bunch of us in the office. When I wasn’t snarking about the cliché statements printed on the hearts, I found myself pondering if these candy pieces had any merit outside of providing empty Calories. Sure enough they did. It soon hit me that these hearts were perfect for macro photography practice. While I don’t have a home studio (yet), I figured that I could improvise one with stuff laying around the house. When a sunny day appeared, I grabbed a notebook and the hearts before plopping down in front of my little storage ottoman. I was trying to emulate some stock photographs I’d seen around that evoked a romantic teen feel. My photos ended up a bit darker than that, but I rather like it. As for the green hearts featured? They got some tea leaf remnants on them, which altered their color and surface texture a bit. I’m thinking of replicating that with some of the other hearts because it cuts down on the brightness and saccharine. 🙂

Ottoman Tales
Stark Light and Fake Love
Half Hearted Suggestion
Potential Congeniality
James to Olivia
Blurry Emotions in Sharp Relief


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