Life evolving behind the lens

Familiar Stops

The return to Minnesota was made by train, which meant revisiting DC and Chicago. The more I visit these places, the stronger my opinions become for each city. Photography opportunities abound in both, but I am by far much more enamored with DC. Don’t get me wrong. I like Chicago, but I would be perfectly okay living in or around the nation’s capital. I’ve spent more time in DC and found more things to like about it. The green spaces are more evenly spread out, and the architecture is more interesting despite the fact that the city isn’t known for its high-rise buildings. The overall aesthetic of the city feels more romantic as well. Screw Paris. I consider DC to be a much more romantic spot. As for Chicago, it has a grittier feel and is a good place to go to capture more complex photos. It’s more of a challenge to get good photos there. Good thing I don’t live too far away and can come back for some practice.

Hi Poppy!
Chin Up
Lazing Away Again in Margaritaville
It IS Easy Being Green
Juvenile Hunter
Daydreaming About Someone Else
Showing Off Your Shy Smile
See You Soon
Bridge Over Painted Waters
Western Skyline
Soviet Projects in the American World
A Rustic Vacation Spot
Jaded Hatchling
Mailroom Memories
Play With Fire in the Right Fire Suit
Ordinary Beauty in the Bubble


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