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Inland Surprises: A Visit to Bok Tower and Gardens

Believe it or not, there was more to my vacation than photographing birds (although I did quite a bit of that). The majority of the trip was spent in Florida. My parents reside in South Florida, but my husband and I did venture a little ways north one day. I was really eager to get to Lake Wales because I had never taken photos there with Cameron. My previous visits involved my old Fuji compact digital and Kodak APS cameras (which I promise I will discuss one day). Given that I had a camera with more controls, I was eager to revisit a spot and take new pictures. Of course, with it being December, the lighting was rather muted on the hill, and the dense vegetation in many part of the gardens cut down the light even further. I also went into the Pinewood Mansion, which was decked out in holiday decor during my time there. It was a great time to get in some more low light work (which netted some good results even without flash). Other photography endeavors (namely plants, architecture and animals) were also productive even though the number of plants in bloom was somewhat limited (mostly poinsettias and camellias). Since a lot of photos were taken, I decided that an entry devoted entirely to Bok Tower and Gardens photos was in order. Since I already showed off some bird photos from this visit, feast your eyes on some of the other offerings that caught mine. 🙂

Iron Work
Bound by the Threads

Saw Blades
Fountain of Realism
The Flowery Tower
A Spindle of Spikes
Dainty Dollhouse
Popcorn Ball
Necessities with a Plush Ambience
The Heart and Gonads of the Matter
Look Across to the Island
Spores Up Part 2
Welcome to The Secret Garden
The Sly Camellia
All Aglow
Blue Sawdust
Wandering into the Leaves


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