Life evolving behind the lens

Minnesota State Fair 2012, Part 1

Hello, there!

I know I’ve been terrible about posting lately. I’ve had a lot of other things going on that have shifted my focus from photography. When I have been thinking about photography, it’s mostly pertained to the types of cameras people have. For example, I was quite disappointed to discover that Oscar Pistorius is a member of Team Canon. 😦 Such a shame. I have started moving toward getting my portfolio ready, so I figure I better get my fair recap on.

This year I spent a lot more time in the barns. My normal ratio of animal to non-animal photos is normally 30/70. I went 60/40 this year. My husband and I were in the barns for a good three hours (taking some breaks to eat because many of the animals were being fed when we showed up). Part of this extended visit in the barns stems from dealing with constant fluctuations in the lighting, and manual was really the best option for dealing with the barns. It worked in my favor, giving me a chance to see what I’m starting to grasp and what I can concentrate on next year. The Moo Booth is by far the most difficult venue. It’s large, dark, has high ceilings and very little in the way of light in general (unless you’re right by one of the entrances). The poultry area has become my favorite over the years because there are some really good pockets of light and can even be somewhat doable after sunset. For anyone going to the State Fair, I also recommend the horse stables, as the lighting is also good there. The swine/sheep area is also pretty decent in terms of lighting since there are large windows on the sides of the building to let the sunlight shine through. I have no idea about the other animals on exhibit (e.g. llamas), so I’ll try to get to those buildings in the coming years.

I don’t really have any set goals for next year, other than trying to get more photos of geese, ducks and turkeys. I think I have the gist of photographing chickens (which is unpredictable but often fortuitous). Regardless, I have come to find that photographing animals is something I truly enjoy. It’s possible that it is my niche, but I would like to take on more wildlife photography before making that decision.

Helping Ben Franklin make the case for a new national bird
Side profile for a head shot or a mug shot?
You see his age in his eyes
wanting to not be part of the crowd
lounging after a shearing
a priceless expression
not smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo but awfully close
no desire to moove and no means of doing so at the same time
few even see these guys eye to eye


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