Life evolving behind the lens

Lights, Camera, Action!

2012 has been a year for venturing into previously uncharted territory. This has proven especially true for nighttime and low light photography. I had no plans for this at the beginning of the year, but it happened, anyway. If I had to guess, finally switching over to manual settings on my P80 a few months ago catalyzed my forays into this practice. Since then, I’ve done a few night shoots (including fireworks), and much of my photography at this year’s State Fair was in low light. I can’t say any of it is good, but it’s better than what I have produced in the past. The details are starting to get clearer. I just know that there will come a point when Cameron’s processing just won’t be efficient enough to get the best low light photos possible. I think when I get that down pat I’ll obtain that D5100 I’ve been eyeing for so long. I hope so, anyway.

the sweet spot at night
This will fly by
The most entertaining way of playing with fire
appalling but photo ready
Time to play
Hop on board
rouge firepower
one is born as another dies
Except the fireworks like better than that excuse of a humanoid
It is the spice of life


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