Life evolving behind the lens

Drive Time

While I spend a lot of time outdoors shooting plants and artwork, that’s not all I do. When I get the opportunity, I photograph cars. I absolutely love it and wish I had more chances to do so. Why? From a design standpoint, cars change more rapidly than almost anything else out there, so the amount of material to work with never diminishes. Second, those who refurbish cars love to show them off, making for great subjects for photographers of all levels. Car shows bring together people who want to share their artwork and embrace photographers who want to take pictures of the true works of art. If there’s any possible notion that a subject could be off limits, a photographer just getting into the craft will hesitate (if not outright give up). Cars and car shows tend to not project such restrictions, and depending on the show, there is next to nothing in the photographer’s way. That’s not to say that cars are a good subject just for those starting out. From the gleaming paint jobs on show models to the decayed nuances of older abandoned vehicles, there are many angles to work with cars. They’re comparatively small, so seeking out new angles for photographing a car is not quite as much work as looking for new angles to capture a particular feature in nature. I actually find it rather relaxing.

pimp my ride
weather unfriendly pickup decor
dat car!
If the front of a car is a face....
as beautiful as it was in 1935
a hood ornament for the ages
more opulent than sporty
Sure anyone will see those highlights?
Yet things are looking up
nicely place in a row


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