Life evolving behind the lens

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum: Then and Now

In one small step to tweak this blog, I’m adding a new category of posts. I like to return to various spots I’ve photographed before partly because it allows me a chance to see how my photography has evolved. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a very good place for this since I have only ever brought Cameron there. It’s a good place to look at my photography while reducing the number of variables to consider. Allow me to show a few pictures I took there when I visited back in 2009 and had Cameron for just over a month.

fragrant lillies in full cry
chipmunks know how to work it
Perfect peak
a new kind of gradient

Sure, they’re not bad photos, and they certainly reflect where I started with this camera. Yes, I read the manual before I started shooting, and I still read the manual from time to time. Between that and spending three years going many places with this camera, a lot has changed with my photography. I have started to develop a personal style I can’t fully articulate yet, but I’m seeing certain traits emerging. Since I am not really in a position to use gels, filters or other such aids, I’ve drifted to a more realistic bent with emphasis on crisp details. While I’ve come close to bokeh on occasion, it’s not something I’m interested in depicting right now. This became more noticeable to me when I went to the arboretum last week, as I shifted to the manual mode on my camera and did not deviate for the first time. Have a look.

for a somewhat elevated view
it is supposed to look like that
get the underground scoop
funky flora reproductive organs
vivid tropical colors head north for the summer
beautiful wastes of water
a sliver of wetland wonderland
odd metaphor rendered right again
blue spruce up close and personal
fallen fern slightly disturbed

Even I can see a difference, and I’ve all but changed my name to Captain Oblivious. I’m not sure what the future will bring when it comes to my photography, but one thing is for sure. I will return to the arboretum when I get a new camera. The locale is a good place for evaluating my journey in the world of photography.


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