Life evolving behind the lens

A Taste of Tybee

My spring vacation brought me lots of places, one of them being Tybee Island, GA. Having grown up near very ritzy beachside communities, I appreciate the more laid back attitude of this oceanside town.That’s not to say there aren’t nice houses on the island. It’s just that the area doesn’t have such an uptight vibe like the places not too far from where I was raised. On top of that, the natural wonders of this area haven’t been totally eradicated. The photos I caught of Tybee reflect these wonders, as they provided plenty of fodder as my husband and I wandered along the shore.

This gull knows how to work it!
The tide goes out to Africa around here
what the tide leaves behind on Tybee Island
Behold the Dead Barnacles
possibly still alive
waiting for a chance to waddle away
enjoy that sandbar while you can
This bird is challenging me to something
hanging out by the dunes
These gulls do in fact move
It doubles as a bird bath
Thirsty Birdy
I told you it doubles as a bird bath


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