Life evolving behind the lens

Spring Getaway: Chicago and D.C.

Hello, everyone! I have returned from my spring vacation, and I have plenty of photographic evidence to show how our meanderings went. I got about 1200 pictures, and that’s a conservative estimate. To make it easier on you, there will be a few entries devoted to displaying my favorite photos from this journey. This entry will feature the photos taken in D.C. and Chicago, stops made en route to Savannah. D.C. was expected; Chicago was spontaneous, rooted in missing a connecting train by two hours. Nonetheless, I had ample time in both cities to get some worthwhile snapshots. Enjoy!

T-Rex skull replica outside the Field Museum
a contrast of buildings in Chicago
a slice of the skyline
bluish flowers all over the Midwest that always make me smile
totally random, totally pervable
Navy Pier sculpture up close
blossoms in Chicago. In March.
ship details and cirrus clouds
try not to fall in the lake on your way out
because people get lake faced on St. Paddys Day in Chicago
I seriously cannot remember its actual title.
where the crane photobombs the cherry trees
because everything fades to some sort of gray
maintenance is a must
because the waterfowl enjoy the crisp waters of the memorials
Lincoln is increasingly concerned.
perfect framing of the Washington Monument and cherry blossoms
surprises in hotel rooms


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