Life evolving behind the lens

In anticipation of a photo blitz

Let me just say thank goodness for WordPress’ scheduling feature! By the time this post actually publishes, I’ll be on my way to Savannah for a week. The trip will help me make up for the photography drought I’ve been in for some time. I did get a chance to snap out of it (hardy har har) recently, but I’ve had so much going on that taking Cameron out for a jaunt has been pushed to the back burner. I’ve done a little indoor work as well, and it went okay. I think it’s time for a new tripod, though. The one I have isn’t really for a camera, anyway. It was my grandfather’s, and he used it for mounting a telescope. The bottom screw is fine for all my cameras (as I’ve put two different models on it), but it’s not the most flexible thing in the world. Anyway, all of the photos here are from my tripod-free jaunt. After this particular outing, I decided that even when I upgrade I’ll keep Cameron around for museum photography. I’m less likely to be stopped by the volunteers with Cameron in hand than if I was waltzing through the halls with a DSLR bag. Plus Cameron’s lighter and a bit better for traveling. He could also be a decent backup camera for when my husband and I go to Rio in a few years. Hooray, Rio! On that note, enjoy the photos! I’ll be back in town before you know it.

opening hall of Real Pirates exhibit
the Whydah's bell
uncanny and almost real
a signal of loss
unspent riches
reaching new heights
a little pink in the garden
approaching formation
facing a snow leopard


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