Life evolving behind the lens

Portfolio Contemplations

While photography is just a hobby for me, I’m looking to develop a portfolio as a means of getting myself out of a photography funk. It’s been hard to take photos lately with a busy work schedule and a dire lack of snow in Minneapolis. So to keep myself from slipping too far out of practice, I’m going to follow the inspiration generated by this article on ways to not hate your photos. I’ve been shooting pretty consistently for 13 years, and as I’ve mentioned before so much has happened. At this point, a portfolio will remind me what I like to photograph and what I can build on during future photography adventures.

The real challenge will be getting 13 years worth of work whittled down to the 50 best photos. I’ve already started to ask people I know for input, but I haven’t gotten anyone to rise to the bait. I think I’ll ask a couple non-relatives for advice. Before I do that, though, I’ll be spending time sifting through my photo albums and determining what really looks good in print. A lot of things look good on a monitor, but prints are a much different story. Thank goodness for those 3M page tabs! Given how many albums I’ll be perusing, I don’t anticipate my portfolio being ready until summer or autumn. Hey, I have a script to write and movies to watch before I turn my back on movies altogether. At least this will give me something to do with the time that I’ll have from not watching movies. It might take all that time (especially since my tendency to watch movies is kind of out of hand). The last thing to consider is what will be in the portfolio. The author of the article implies that the portfolio should reflect your favorite subjects. While I’ve touched on subjects that make me skittish, I’ve never really looked at what subjects I like. I’d have to say that flora, fauna (especially birds) and architecture are probably my favorites. We’ll see if that holds up when I actually start selecting pictures for this project.

With that said, any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

a daisy past its peak


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