Life evolving behind the lens

Another Trip Home

Since I already posted some more Duluth pictures, I figured I’d share a few more with you. These are from trips I took in the summer of 2009 and the spring of 2010, and they mark the shift in equipment from my Fuji to Cameron (my Nikon). Compared to my Fuji pictures, the depiction of color is more neutral in white balance and veers a fair amount away from the blue that I saw predominating my pictures before. Even though I have a tendency to visit the same spots in Duluth, it never gets old. As I take more trips to the city, I find it slightly easier to photograph (in that I can focus on photography rather than the urge to write until my hand falls off). I’m not sure when I’ll visit this year, but I know I will. I make it a point to visit Duluth at least once a year. It truly is my happy place.

from Canal Park's interactive fountain
the intimacy of a forehead touch in public view
Leif Erickson Park's lakeshore
gliding past Park Point
tagging matching the inactive lighthouse's paint scheme


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