Life evolving behind the lens

Happy Holidays!

I apologize for the lack of blog entry last week. I’ve been working incredibly hard to finish a story that took over my brain and doubled in length. As a result, I had no time to devote to getting a new entry up for this blog. It seems unusual for me to be so focused on a story at this time of year, especially when there are so many snowman items around. However, it’s been difficult to get distracted with holiday stuff with the lack of snow in Minneapolis (a very strange thing for this time of year). I’ve made time to capture the sights of the season in spite on the unseasonably warm temperatures and cold drought. May we have a blizzard on New Year’s Day.

snowman frost
humanoids in serendipitous lighting
snowmen in a comic-geek pose
slow shutter joy
LaSalle Plaza all dressed up
the IDS Tree
the IDS Menorah
Gaviidae Common Neiman Marcus wing


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