Life evolving behind the lens

A Compilation

While harvesting my archives for film photos to post, I realized I have way too many photo CDs. Unfortunately, with APS rolls, it’s next to impossible to get more than one roll burned onto CD at a time. I machines I worked with at Walgreen’s automatically spit out the roll and burned the CD before another set of negatives could be loaded (an issue that did not come up with 35mm film, so you could load several sets of negatives onto one disc). In the interest of getting my photos preserved at a discount, I decided to just burn all the rolls individually, not really thinking how many I’d have. Including the digital photo CDs (which hold many more images per disc), I had at least 150 at my peak. I’m whittling it down bit by bit and have compiled most of the photos on mass collection discs. A few events get their own discs without getting mixed up with other photos (e.g. my first trip to Minnesota, the photos from Hurricane Season 2004 and my trips to Central Florida). It’s kind of a slow going process, hindered by the fact that my CDs were not originally organized in chronological order. My photos aren’t really organized that way now with the consolidation, and I’m okay with that. I’m not using most of these photos for anything at the moment, and the prints I had run off are better organized. I just like having the backup. That said, I needed to do something before I ran out of space in my second CD holder. I have a lot more space for CDs now, which is good considering how many more I’ll be making in the immediate future. It’s a good way to look back on what I’ve done as I set my sights on my photography future.

waiting for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry
That seat does not look comfortable
Brought to you by Hurricane Frances


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