Life evolving behind the lens

Snapping Through School

Let’s take look at some more early film exploits. I wasn’t too hardcore into photography during my high school years, but I did like to go out with my camera. Though my APS camera was far from top of the line, I considered it to be my good camera and was rather selective of where I brought it. Many of the most photo-worthy moments happened on band trips that posed too many opportunities to lose or damage my good camera. Finding moments to go out and shoot things for the sake of taking pictures were rather rare, especially given my very busy schedule. However, there were enough excursions and moments where my APS camera could go. Here are some shots from my high school years up to my graduation in 2003.

Convincing critter
So what is the light source?
How Floridians bide their time
Barge at large
Climbing among today's teens and occupy participants
gotta study
tired though the trip is just beginning
another day in DC


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