Life evolving behind the lens

Let’s Take It From the Top

I had a realization not too long ago that I’ve held my photography hobby for 13 years or so. That, of course, means that I did not start on digital. I am hankering to take up film photography for kicks and giggles but to also force myself to think about photography a little bit differently. I also want to see how what I’ve learned on my own about composition and lighting translates onto the plastic and how my progression has been made in film photos.

I got my first APS camera in 1999 (having used disposables prior to that), and having a multiuse camera really got me into taking photos more frequently. The camera came in handy during my trip to Washington, D.C. in the spring of 2000 and tagged along for a number of other trips for four years after that. I’ll show some of my favorite photos from my film era over a couple entries. I know that none of them will measure up to what I have taken these days. Still, it’s interesting to see how my photography journey has progressed (or at the very least meandered).

The photos in this installment were taken in Washington, D.C. and Savannah. I will actually be back to both of those towns next year during my spring vacation. I haven’t been to either of these places in over a decade, so it will definitely be a time to explore them from a photographic standpoint. I have very happy memories of both of these locales, so I may spend less time taking photos and more time getting caught up in the nostalgia. We’ll see. In the meantime, enjoy these vintage shots. Vintage definitely applies to the last one, where I made the mistake of pairing 400 speed film with sunny conditions. So hello, overexposure! In this case, though, I rather like the effect. Just don’t expect me to go all out on vintage. At heart, I am a realist.

In this installment, we’ll take a look at my pictures from D.C. and Savannah. I haven’t been to either city in over a decade (in other words my mid-teens) but will be going back next spring. It will be a delight to see the city with new eyes, eyes that have more training to get vivid photographs. These cities have happy memories associated with them, so I eagerly await the chance to return. In the meantime, join me as I journey back to the year 2000. The vintage look of the last photo, by the way, is completely unintentionally. I had a roll of 400 speed film, so the shot was a bit overexposed on a sunny day. In this case, though, I think the shot looks pretty decent. It’s just a far cry from my far more realism-oriented style that I’ve developed since then.

Tybee Island in the morning
non-obtrusive street performer
my friends hanging out in the Hirshorn Sculpture Garden
dignified marker for possibly the most dignified Kennedy
a peek at the gargoyles
for the women who served in Vietnam
an antebellum fountain in Savannah. Complete with a lion.I can go vintage (but never on purpose)


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