Life evolving behind the lens

Minnesota Zoo

I actually went to the zoo with my husband back in late August after we scored free tickets to an IMAX movie. We were also able to get free zoo tickets, giving me a chance to practice photographing animals. I’d almost venture to say I did better on my practice run. Given how much time I spent outdoors, it’s not a big surprise. I cut my teeth shooting pictures outdoors, so my experience leans toward gaging outdoor light much more easily. A number of the animals were active, making for an unpredictable time. I liked quite a few of the 500+ photos I took that day and entered a few in the zoo’s photo contest. None of my entries were selected for Facebook voting to determine the winners, so now I can show them off here (as well as a few other gems I liked). Enjoy!

primates being contemplative
catchin' some rays
Human kids are exhausting
I wonder if goats can read.
How drunk are you to challenge a statue?
That mouth is open for a reason
Too hot out to entertain the masses
I see why the other prairie dogs were trying to escape.


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