Life evolving behind the lens


I chose the tenth anniversary as a day to live. So I went to Duluth in an effort to avoid memorial ceremonies and media coverage of the day’s events. It was a surreal day in the lakeside city, as the mercury soared past 80 (which in itself is quite warm for Duluth). Aside from the 86 degree highs, the sky was cloudless by the lake, which, as always, made everything super bright. I was a little better prepared to handle the light and was able to get some great shots of the Aerial Lift Bridge and other sights along the Lake Superior shoreline. It was definitely a day to be out and enjoying life, something that people did in droves that day. I’ve been to Duluth a few times, but this is easily my favorite time. In fact, I’m inclined to say it was the best day of my life.

Aerial Lift Bridge expecting company
There's always time to stop and watch the ships roll into the harbor.
Because sign tampering has never been so random
defiant of mourning on 09/11
Silly drunk kids and their trashy ways
turrent roof at Leif Erickson Park
raising the roof to buy a tarp?
Just another Sunday in Lester Park
much needed on a hot day in Duluth
When will Lester Park see hockey again?


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