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Minnesota State Fair 2011, Part 1

Aside from jaunts around my home city, there is one thing that makes Labor Day weekend stand out from the others: the Minnesota State Fair. My husband and I usually go the Friday before Labor Day, giving ourselves a very long weekend. It isn’t unusual for us to spend 12 hours there (as we did this year), and even with that we missed a lot. I took nearly 600 photos at this year’s edition. Yes, nearly 600. I’m thinking I may have a problem. So I will, as I did last year, break it up into two sections, the first being dedicated to the animals.

While I used my museum settings extensively last year, I only did so a couple times this year. Soon after the fair, I discovered a feature on Cameron that allowed for near silent operation of the camera without being in the museum setting. I’ve made that my default, so I could play around with the manual options more freely. On top of that, the animals were abnormally active, and I also visited the barns later in the day. This made adjustments for light more difficult than usual. I was tired, to boot. Hey, I was at the fair for 12 hours! With all that said, I found that some of my photos turned out pretty well. Have a look.

trying to escape via generating pity
They know when the camera's on them.
Hot in there
We all need a place to rest our chin(s).
Too punny to resist.
Would you challenge this fowl?


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