Life evolving behind the lens

Summer Weekends: Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is the most active for me from a photography standpoint. My husband and I traditionally attend the Minnesota State Fair the Friday before, and I use the rest of the weekend to go on at least one photo jaunt. As I did last year, I will post two entries on the State Fair. I took nearly 700 photos at this year’s round. I’m surprised myself. In the meantime, here are some photos from when I wandered around the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis on Labor Day itself. The sky was such a brilliant blue that from many angles a polarizing filter would have been redundant. Given that most filters are not designed for use on cameras like Cameron, you can rest assured that the blues in the photos are all natural, if you will, and not enhanced in any way.

in waiting, not abandoned
bright as a broken light bulb
Can't tell which it is
condo complexes in miniature with their source in the background
miniatures like those in the Netherlands
an actual river on the small scale rendering!
Everyone knows the Grain Belt sign.
power lines looking good


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