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Summer Weekends: Memorial Day

Summer’s winding down, and frankly, I’m ecstatic. Fall is actually my favorite season for photography, not to mention the weather improves exponentially. That said, I am at my most active in the summer since I tend to be moving about more often. That said, I managed to snap photos during two of the major summer weekends and will be at it again just in time for Labor Day (because I can’t go to the State Fair without my camera). For those of you who love summer more than I do, I figured I’d take a look at some of my favorite photos captured during my many summer adventures (which included my wedding, but we’ll get to that later). This entry covers my Memorial Day meanderings.

Memorial Day weekend is probably my least favorite. Why? Well, sometimes my birthday falls on or right before Memorial Day, which means it’s more difficult to go out to celebrate without running into crowds. My husband has a similar problem, but with his birthday being on July 3, he doesn’t get a break. Anyway, this year my birthday was on a Tuesday, so any birthday-related fun had to occur on the preceding weekend. I spent Saturday on a walking tour of historic houses on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. Monday saw my husband and myself at the Minnesota Science Museum. Most of the photos here are from the house tour, but I did like a couple of museum shots I was able to snag.

Tudor style college-home
an eagle sculpture in full view
closer bird visage
nice house
This sculpture is free with the above house!
insane detail work
A Southern house transplanted?
the apparent statue of the day back in the late 19th century
the artist liked Anubis
look for the eye
seismophone off the Richter Scale


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