Life evolving behind the lens

From North to South

While I intend to show off more photos of Duluth, I’m going to take you on a trip south, specifically to Florida. I was born and raised in the southeastern part of the state and got started on photography during high school. Going to Florida is always a trip for revisiting my roots in one form or another, and this was the first time I was there with my Nikon P80.

One thing that becomes very clear is that outdoor lighting is very different in Florida compared to Minnesota. Due to its closer proximity to the equator, the sun in south Florida doesn’t vary as wildly in positioning as it does in Minnesota. Though the sun is always to the south in Minneapolis, it is much higher in the sky in the summer months. (This is determined by the sun’s proximity to due east in each season along with the Earth’s axial shift.) Likewise, the sunset times are not as drastically different. In Minnesota, sunset can arrive at 4:30 PM before the winter solstice and quarter to ten at night during the summer. In Florida, 6:00 PM to roughly 8:00 PM is the difference between the seasons. The reason I mention all of this astronomical/geometric information is to highlight that photography in Florida is sometimes difficult because the sun tends to wash out colors almost every day of the year. In Minnesota, the sun’s always southern angle gives photographers a more consistent color saturation, especially when the photographer is facing north. Even when facing south, photographers in Minnesota can generally work around the sun by tilting the lens up or down to get out of the direct light. None of these angles (so to speak) work as well in Florida because the sunlight is much more direct and changes from south to north during the hottest times of the year. Thus, a photographer in Florida has to be able to adapt to dramatically different lighting conditions year in year out. After not really taking pictures in Florida for a couple years, I learned this the hard way when I returned for the holidays. In this entry, I’ll showcase a few pictures from areas near where I grew up, Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach. The next entry or two will bring us to Vizcaya, a photographic and philosophical challenge. Both will be explained in the coming entries. Good times all around.

Leach mansion

a large sea grape plant at Indian Riverside Park

egret on the shore

he just wants a snack

dolphins greeting park visitors


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