Life evolving behind the lens

One of Two Homes

I am not a Minnesota native, but I do love being here. In fact, one of my favorite places (so far) in all the world is Duluth. I’m not sure how or why, but I’m always at peace whenever I’m there. Okay, getting to the city is a little nerve wracking. Anyone who has driven on that stretch of 35 knows exactly what I mean. It’s a pretty steep drop once you get past Thompson’s Point/Spirit Mountain, and you’re pretty much riding your brakes for about a mile or so. After that, though, there’s something soothing about the city. It could be the lake. It could be the food (as there are some good local restaurants there). It could be their more rustic skyway system. It could be anything. So to celebrate my favorite month, I will be posting some pictures from one of my favorite places to travel. Here are a few snapshots from my very first visit to Duluth, all taken on my Fuji A340.

gull at Lake Superior

laantern at Glensheen mansion

on the way to Lake Superior


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