Life evolving behind the lens

Revisiting the Editing Room

I’ve mentioned my ambivalence about photo editing before. I do try to compose my shots in the camera so no editing is needed afterwards. The photos in the previous entry were all unedited. The black and white photos were taken in black and white with the only tweak being going for a simulated red filter. (FYI, I prefer orange but felt the image of roses in a dumpster called for something more dramatic.) After finally getting Paint Shop Pro for making my wedding invitations, I decided to try out the photo editing tools. This time, instead of going all out with filters, layers and dramatic techniques that warp photos into something that could be best described as hipster attention grabbing, I decided to be a little more subtle. I used light effects sparingly, played with contrast and amped up the hue just enough to brighten the photo a touch. Here are the results.

Minnehaha Park statue

Bloomington Central Park

urban park fountain

not a sparkle but luminous


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