Life evolving behind the lens

State Fair 2010

And here is the follow up to my original State Fair entry. Though I spent a good portion of my time photographing the animals, there were plenty more photo subjects elsewhere on the fairgrounds. I seem to be at my most zen in the agriculture-horticulture section. Then again, I like my fruits and veggies. The exhibits also tend to move less, and the lighting is not quite as inflexible. Hey, at least the building’s cracktastic architecture has something going for it. The multipronged building does allow more natural light to enter the halls, so there’s less of a glare from the industrial fluorescents used to fill the shadows. (I should totally photograph the building itself the next time I go just so you can get a glimpse at this thing.) With one exception, all the photos in this entry were taken in that particular location.

scarred pumpkin

pears are yummy

more edible items

an indoor birdhouse

porcelain works

scarecrow type item


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