Life evolving behind the lens

Museum Setting on the P80

In light of my visit to the Minnesota State Fair, I’ll actually have two entries with photos from that event. This entry will focus on one specific camera topic (the one in the subject). Though the museum setting isn’t intended for animals, it can be fairly useful for photographing them. Like anything else, it has its pros and cons. It is not a completely silent run, as the lens will adjust to compensate for sudden light changes (which happen pretty frequently in barns). The larger animals were able to hear the lens adjustments and decided they didn’t want to be photographer. The pigs were especially sensitive to the noise. Hence, there are quite a number of poultry shots here. They either couldn’t hear or decided to humor me. I’m not sure which. On the upside, it does automatically adjust for light fluctuations, which is a little bit of a time saver. If I was running on shutter priority (my preferred method), I’d spend a lot of time bracketing for shutter speeds. Rest assure there will be a future discussion on bracketing. Anyway, the museum setting is also designed to not utilize a flash, which is a godsend when animals are your subject.Obviously, the results are a lot better if the animal stays relatively still, but slight movements will not cause significant blurring. The shutter speeds selected by the setting stayed in a very narrow range of 1/4 of a second to 1/15. You’ll have to have a steady hand in such cases, but overall patience also helps. I found that if I was getting mentally fidgety, I was not still enough to focus on my subjects. I think a lot of us forget to keep that in mind when we’re behind the lens. On that, enjoy!

pregnant cow portrait

sheep post shearing

head exposed

hamming it up

a rooster dealing with life in the pen

totally awesome plumage


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